About us

As the Enterprise Association that gathers Barcelona’s Shipping Agents, our main purpose is to represent, negotiate, and guard the rights of its associated members, as well as to provide them with technical and judicial advise, and to promote their professional prestige, while improving and sustaining the relationship with the Central and Autonomous Government Agencies and other aim related organizations.

Nowadays, we are present at several management entities of Barcelona’s Port collaborating tightly with the Port Authorities and other Entities.

Our origins date back to 1919, when an Association was founded to look after the interests of Shipping Agents, as well as those of their ship-owners. By means of improving the agility of trade and merchandise within the port, paperwork and bureaucratic systems at the time, while offering advice to traders and assistance in their international affairs, the foundations of our Association were established before Public Administrations, achieving the professional recognition of the Shipping Agents as the main factor in the Port’s development and its commercial activities.

Furthermore, our Association participated actively as well, in the establishment of the Commerce, Industry and Navigation Chamber of Barcelona.

Since the Association of Barcelona’s Shipping Agents was founded, our mission has been to promote and encourage the growth of maritime transportation throughout Barcelona’s Port, to offer advice and collaborate with the Shipping Companies, as well as to participate in all the forums that relate with and affect our profession and that may provide us with an extensive knowledge, in order to offer high quality service to our clients, while meeting the challenges emerging from the constant globalization of commerce and service trade.

Welcome to the Associació d’Agents Consignataris de Vaixells de Barcelona (Association of Shipping Agents of Vaixells de Barcelona) website.

Welcome to the Associació d’Agents Consignataris de Vaixells de Barcelona (Association of Shipping Agents of Vaixells de Barcelona) website.

The shipping agent profession is very old and, logically, it is closely linked to the history and development of international maritime transport. The services of a shipping agent are used when the shipowner and the ship’s captain need assistance and support from someone they can trust who knows the port well and is able to ensure that the ship’s stay at the port and necessary operations run smoothly and efficiently.

This basic function of the shipping agent has not changed much over time although there is no doubt that it has become more complex with the specialisation and sophistication of ships, the terminals and port logistics nowadays. The combination of local and port expertise and experience as well as the renowned global and international nature of the maritime business and its operators mean that this activity is full to the brim with drive and vitality.

Here at this association we strive to defend the effectiveness and value of this profession. The shipping agent has always had and still has a privileged position at ports. This position allows us to actively take part in maritime transport and therefore play an essential role in the international logistics chain. This is why we are fully committed to the development and continuous improvement of the Barcelona port and we have shown this clearly on numerous occasions throughout our history that began in 1919. So, we feel we are part of the port community and, together with the authorities and other professional and collective associations, we have a responsibility to serve our area and make the port a platform that provides value, employment and economic development.

This website is open to associates and the public in general and any comments or ideas for improvements you may have are very welcome.

Kind regards,

Salvador Richart
President of the Barcelona Shipping Agents Association